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Intentionally, Smart Simple Marketing disappeared!

Why would we go missing for months?

The answer is simple…

At the same time, it will help you to overcome any glitches, setbacks or roadblocks to your business success.

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Quality vs. Quantity: Which Relationship Marketing Style is Best for Your Company?

Magnifying glass showing relationship wordHow you communicate with and engage your customers is the most important aspect of your business and your brand. After all, it is in building long-lasting connections that you build long-lasting businesses.

Just like your overall marketing strategy, your relationship marketing style does not come in a one-size-fits-all package.

Relationship marketing focuses on customer retention and the quality of engagement of the customer with your brand. Following is an overview of the two main relationship marketing styles.

Which one is right for your business? Read more about Quality vs. Quantity: Which Relationship Marketing Style is Best for Your Company?

Grow Your Business By Creating A Community

Engagement Matters Episode 33: Do you want customers and clients to stick around with your company for months and years to come? Then give them plenty of reason to do so. Learn how you can build communities of prospects and clients.

How to Stop Cloning Unsuccessful Businesses

stand out“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” ~ Mark Twain

What makes you different?

One thing that makes humans amazing is that there are not (and never have been) two people that are exactly alike. Try matching your fingerprints or dental impressions to anyone who has ever lived. It’s impossible!

You are absolutely unique. Your business is absolutely unique.

So, why is it that your business looks similar to every other business in your industry?

Shouldn’t you stand out from the crowd like a 7-foot tall 3rd grader? How would that help your business if you were that noticeable as a problem solver?

If you are making decisions in your business based on what “everyone else” is doing, it’s time to add greater value to your audience (and increase your income) by being a bit different. Read more about How to Stop Cloning Unsuccessful Businesses

Engagement Matters 17: How To Become An Engagement Juggernaut

Connecting with the right groups of people is important as an entrepreneur. Who are the people with whom you need to build relationships? They are prospects, clients and referral partners! See how you can become an engagement juggernaut by staying engaged with the groups of people who build your business.

How To Know Exactly What Your Audience Wants To Buy From You

goldHave you ever presented a product or service offer to your audience that you were beyond excited about? But then quickly found out you were the only person excited about it because very few (or no one) expressed an interest? (This has happened to us a few times. You live and learn, right!)

Not only can this be an expensive waste of time and money, it can deflate your confidence. You can significantly improve your sales by focusing on developing the exact solutions your audience is looking for, instead of a particular idea that happens to be exciting to you. In doing so, you will increase your revenue and your audience will be more inclined to refer you to others.

So, how do you know what it is your audience wants to buy from you?

You ask them, of course! In most cases they will be happy to share their opinions with you.

Here are some ideas to find out what’s on the mind of your current clients and prospective customers, and what to do with that information: Read more about How to Know Exactly What Your Audience Wants To Buy From You

Build a Subscriber List That Begs to Hear From You

Have you ever played the board game Monopoly? As you may know, the objective of the game is to become the wealthiest player through buying renting and selling property. The moniker itself tells you the whole point of playing. How can the objective of Monopoly help you to build your business?

Just as you set goals for yourself when you play Monopoly, you likely have specific goals for your business that support your vision of success. One of the best ways to achieve your goals is to build an email list of prospective clients that you can market to again and again.

Building an email list is about creating a community of individuals who have requested to hear from you on regular basis. In a sense, you are seeking to monopolize your subscribers’ attention on the topics of which you are an expert.

The goal with your marketing efforts should be to educate, create awareness about the services or products you sell, cultivate interest and eventually lead to a purchasing relationship.

How can you go about building your community of subscribers? By consistently sharing your expertise with the exact people who are looking for the solutions that you offer. When you share your solutions (online or offline), consumers will be drawn to your business and you can monopolize their attention.

Here are 3 ways to put this strategy into action: Read more about Build a Subscriber List That Begs to Hear From You

List Building Tips To Get More Clients

email marketingEmail marketing is, by far, the most cost effective online marketing strategy around. A recent statistic I read shared that for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. (Source: Experian)

To utilize email marketing, however, of course you must have a list of people to send your emails to. In addition, you need to be continually looking for ways to get more strategic and creative about how you build your list.

Not doing so will really limit your potential for long-term success. Because, while your current contacts may be generating sales for you today, it’s possible they may outgrow your business. So having a cycle of new customers, clients, and prospects opting in to build a relationship with and sell to ensures that your business will remain profitable for months and years to come.

Plus, as your contact list grows, you’re expanding to reach more people who can help your business grow by becoming repeat customers and spreading the word about your business.

How to get smarter about the way you grow your list Read more about List Building Tips to Get More Clients

5 Tech Tools That Help Prospective Clients Find You

One thing entrepreneurs never have enough of is time.

A lack of time is often cited as a reason why some small business owners aren’t consistent with their marketing efforts.

I can’t give you any “magical” tips on pulling time out of thin air, but I can share with you 5 tools that will help you market your business more consistently, more successful and help you to increase your profits: Read more about 5 Tech Tools That Help Prospective Clients Find You

7 Memorable Steps To Accomplish Your 2014 Goals

steps to successLet me be honest with you. I HAVE A HARD TIME STAYING FOCUSED.

Whew, it feels good to get that out (more on this later). Just last week, Wil and I finished putting onto paper our major business goals for 2014.

We have some projects scheduled and prospects in the pipeline already that it only made sense to focus on the first half of the year. In a few short months, we will measure our activity and recalibrate what needs to be done for the remainder of the year.

Let me take a step back to focus on why I mentioned my lack of focus. We all have flaws of one kind or another. Instead of allowing your flaws to hinder your business, use them to your advantage. I may have trouble focusing on one thing for very long, BUT when it comes to getting things done, I find this easy and fulfilling. In fact, I typically get more done in one day than many people that I know.

I share this because I hope to inspire you to use your work style to your advantage. Instead of focusing on what you aren’t good at or can’t do, concentrate on what you do well and use that as the foundation to build a more successful business this year.

Do you have difficulty with any of the following:      Read more about 7 Memorable Steps To Accomplish Your 2014 Goals