Smart Simple Marketing Solutions for
Busy Corporate Professionals
Who Need To Increase Engagement, Retention and Sales

Smart Simple Solutions is a Small Business Agency and Corporate Communication Solutions firm. We specialize in speaking the language of your prospects so you can turn them into paying customers. We’re familiar with what needs to happen to close the gap in your communications and can help you create a strong content strategy that gets results.

We’re also a Certified Woman Owned and Minority Owned Business and understand the huge opportunities that come with this designation. We help our clients leverage these opportunities from both a service provider and a customer perspective.

Multiple Fortune 500 companies have come to us to help solve their marketing problems. The challenges they faced include:

  • Lack of knowledge and qualified team members to create and manage webinars
  • Not having a clear plan to develop list building techniques to retain and grow business
  • A need for training in how to partner with diversified companies
  • Not enough time or resources to maintain a consistent brand presence
  • Inconsistent implementation of current content marketing strategy (or lack of one) to meet sales goals

We have stepped in to solve challenges like these and more. Some of the solutions we’ve provided include helping Fortune 500 tech companies overcome challenges and achieve marketing goals specific to their vision.

  • Creating strategic plans to speak to diverse, highly lucrative and ever growing markets including Hispanic Owned, Women-Owned, and African-American Owned small businesses.
  • Helping tech challenged corporations leverage webinars to increase profitability (one client increased profit by $10,000 with the first webinar).
  • Implementing consistent strategic marketing techniques to get greater visibility and more clients via online marketing list building (another client increased list size by 86% of subscribers in just a few weeks).

One of the biggest mistakes we see in the corporate world is lack of true connection with small business owners and inability to capture the authentic voice of your prospects in marketing materials. Often we see a communication strategy (or complete lack thereof) that is sporadic or worse yet, the content is too pushy creating a complete disconnect. This approach hurts businesses and it means you are leaving money on the table.

Your objective is to increase visibility, generate leads and exceed sales goals. This means you need a strategic, systematic plan to leverage your brand with content marketing.

In order to gain the trust of small business owners, you must approach business owners the way they make decisions. With informative, educational content that shows your desire to partner with them so you succeed together. When you approach it any other way, your communications can seem self-centered and based on sales goals alone.

Simply put we’ll help you with

  • Strategic and specific advice on how to engage more small business clients with content marketing
  • Creation and placement of content to generate a steady flow of engagement via your blog, social media profiles and more
  • Detailed metrics about what’s working and what needs improvement with your content marketing
  • Proven expertise in creating marketing content to directly address the challenges your potential clients are facing so your company is positioned as THE resource they need
  • Ongoing professional content marketing and strategy support to free internal resources and save you money

As the decision maker for your corporate communications, it’s time get the guidance and support you need. Accept your free whitepaper Successfully Sell to Small Businesses: How to Generate More High Quality Leads, Increase Your Profits and Meet Your Sales Goals and we’ll connect directly to create solutions for you.