3 Easy Steps To Creating Predictable Revenue In Your Business

Image Predictable RevenueYou are very familiar with that feeling…

Think back to two different time periods in your business.

#1 – The time when business was dried up and producing ZERO revenue


#2 – The time when your cup runneth over with too many clients and more income than you could handle

When your business is going well, you have that feeling of being on top of the world, like in the movie Scarface when after a hard day at work, Scarface looked up into the sky and read the blimp which flashed, “The World Is Yours. . .”

Yeah, you know that feeling.

The same is true when things aren’t so great and you panic on your way to bed and when you awake each day. . .

Yeah, you know that feeling too.

Many, many business owners experience what is called feast or famine? But, why?

They miss an important factor that we’re going to dig into right now, which is. . .


You might say, “Duh… of course I want predictable revenue, who doesn’t?”

Real business owners understand what real business is –

Every business requires enough customers to whom its product or service can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit.

At times, it can feel as if your business is an expensive hobby. By that I mean, you hustle, you become overwhelmed with the simple ‘act of doing’. But “doing” the wrong things. And at some point, just doing randomness depletes your bank account.

But, when you choose predictable revenue – you focus on doing the right things that bring prospects to your products and services.

And your hustle is converting those prospects into paying clients.

Then that process becomes repeatable, sustainable and predictable!

Now, that leads us to this question. . .


At this point, I assume that you have an awesome product or service. Let’s get that off the table.

The best way to catapult your business to the stage of predictable revenue, you need to do the following:

  • Know exactly who your target market is and the identity of your perfect client
  • Deploy a system that allows you to sell in a way that is easy
  • Promote the heck out of your business in the right place at the right time

Take a look at these individually…

#1 – Know Your Target Market and Identity of Your Perfect Client

You know what I hear a lot from clients?

But, EVERYBODY needs my services!”

And that may be true. For example, if you sell water, it is a solid fact that everyone in the world has a need for your product.

So, why is it important to dig deeper into your perfect client profile to generate predictable income?

When you step away from “everyone” needs my services and focus on…

my perfect client can be found among a very specific group of individuals every time I deploy marketing strategies.

(That is a writer-downer!)

Now you have the key to attracting more of the clients that you are looking for the solutions that you offer. And here is the point; when you are specific, you now know where to look for them.

Here is an example. My perfect client profile is Kevin. He is a 35-year-old Marriage and Family Therapist who has eight years of experience in his practice. He lives in Concord, CA and he struggles with keeping his calendar booked with customers.

There are definitely other things that I know about my perfect client that will give me clues as to how I can focus my marketing strategies towards an entire ocean of people like Kevin. This is where I want to cast my fishing net when I’m looking for clients.

When you know exactly who your perfect client is, what profession he is in and where he spends his time and can clearly demonstrate how you solve his problems… predictable revenue will kick in the door of your bank and deposit itself!

That leads us to…

#2 – Deploy a Selling System that is Easy for You AND Your Client

Now you know who the perfect client is for you and where to find them.

They have become aware of your business and are evaluating if you are the right person to help them to solve their problems or accomplish their goals.

How can you help them to see that you (or your company) is the right resource for them?

This is where you need to demonstrate how their investment in your product or service will be a wise decision.

Answer these questions:

  • What are the physical benefits they will receive?
  • What are the emotional benefits they will receive?
  • What are the financial benefits they will receive?
  • What transformation will you help them to make?

In order to convert your prospect into a paying client, they must clearly understand the results they will gain from working with you.

Case in point: A personal trainer promises to help her client get 6-pack abs in 21 days with little pain and minimal effort.

The type of prospects who will be attracted to this offer truly wants that exact transformation. Note the specificity in the promise. It is clear and focused. The personal trainer isn’t promising to cure the customer of a disease or even that they will lose weight! The person who wants nice abs with little pain in a short period of time will see the benefits and gobble up the offer!

So, you are clear on your perfect client and target market. You understand their needs and you can now demonstrate why you are THE solution to their problems.

The next step is…

#3 – Promote the Heck Out of Your Business in the Right Way at the Right Time

There are 6 core promotional strategies that we like to help our clients to implement. Using any or all of these in the right way will showcase your business to the right people at the right time.

They are:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Networking
  • Referrals
  • Web
  • Direct Outreach

Deploying these strategies regularly (especially when you already have enough clients) is critical to your predictable revenue roadmap.

Why are these promotional strategies important for your business?

Notice the value of each one.

Speaking Strategy – One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise in front of potential clients.

Writing Strategy – Allows you to educate your target market as well as promote your products or services.

Networking Strategy – Helps you expand both your sphere of prospects and referral partners.

Referral Strategy – Doing this the right way allows you to approach the referral process in a way that creates a system of getting referrals predictably and measurably.

Web Strategy – Grow your business using your website, social media and other online resources that positions you to find and attract your perfect clients.

Direct Outreach Strategy – Personally contact prospects and referral partners without being salesy.

Are there more ways for you to create awareness for your business?

Of course there! But, in our experience in working with thousands of clients through coaching programs and workshops, we have found that these 6 core promotion strategies have been the most effective.

When you analyze your business right now, do you have the predictable revenue that will sustain you and promote growth for the coming 6 to 12 months?

If this is not your reality, review the points that I have laid out for you:

  1. Know your target marketing and identify your perfect client profile.
  2. Deploy a selling system that is easy for you and your client.
  3. Promote your business in the right way, at the right time.

It is time for you to position your business as a sustainable enterprise with a predictable revenue roadmap. Click the button below to request more information about our live workshop where we will show you how to implement the skills discussed above.