7 Reasons to Use “Set It and Forget It” Marketing

It’s possible that you are too busy…

Too busy running your business to effectively market and grow your business?

If marketing feels like an afterthought and if you find yourself scrambling at the last minute to create compelling marketing campaigns…

You are in the right place!

There’s a new marketing game in town, and it will solve the previously mentioned problems and then some.

Here is the solution dropped right in your lap…     

Marketing automation allows you to consistently and continually build awareness for your business while you’re busy running your business.

What if your business could do this:

  • Automatically thank a customer for making a purchase without having to write an email or pick up the phone
  • Create personalized marketing campaigns delivered precisely when the customer is ready to buy
  • Drive sales while you sleep

When you automate your marketing using email autoresponders, all of this becomes possible.


Here are 7 surefire signs your small business could benefit from marketing automation:

#1: You need a supportive hand

Rare is the small business owner who has ample hours free each week to work on marketing.

Normally, marketing is a last-minute dash to boost sales using discounts, promotions, or special offers. You quickly send an email to your entire list, or post to Facebook hoping for a bite or two.

But what if your marketing was operating in the background while you were running your business? This is the power of automation. Technology can be your greatest asset for growing your business.

When you create email autoresponders, email communications can be automatically delivered to your customers based on their behavior – no matter how busy you happen to be.

#2: You know the power of first impressions

Marketing automation allows you to make a great first impression with your prospective customers.

When someone subscribes to your email list or makes an inquiry on your website, you can automatically send them an email that answers questions, builds trust, and grabs their interest.

#3: You’re exhausted by sending the same follow up messages

Are you spending hours per week writing the same emails over and over again? If you’re like most small business owners, you often get inquiries, requests for information, and requests for pricing.

Marketing automation lets you create a template that can be quickly customized. Also you can send an informative email that answers all of your FAQs.

Just imagine how much time you’ll save each week when this information is sent out automatically!

#4: You have different types of customers

If you have multiple target markets, or customers in different niches, marketing automation will be a life saver. With email autoresponders, you can automatically deliver content that solves problems for specific groups.

When customers receive information and valuable content created specifically for them (as opposed to generalized content for everyone on your list), they are much more likely to make a purchase and refer you to a friend.

#5: You want to streamline your sales funnel

Do you spend a lot of time hoping that prospects will reach the bottom of your sales funnel?

Marketing automation gives you the system to speak to prospects at the perfect time when they are ready to buy from you. By creating strategic email autoresponder campaigns, you can introduce products and services, overcome objections, and offer incentives to buy – all automatically via email!

You can also time your campaigns so your messages go to the right people at the right time, further increasing your customer value.

#6: You want to make passive income

It’s 3am on a Monday morning…

The third email in your autoresponder series has just been delivered to a prospective customer, who lives in a time zone six hours ahead of yours.

They open the email, click the link to your sales page, and make a purchase.

Funds are deposited into your merchant account and two emails are automatically sent: one notifying you of the sale, and another thanking your customer for their business.

All of this happened while you were fast asleep. That’s what makes marketing automation a powerhouse for generating passive income.

#7: You want to retain loyal, long-term customers

Marketing automation makes staying top of mind with customers and hot leads, much easier.

Gone are the days of forgetting anniversaries, wondering if you’ve followed up and when, or digging through databases to find out who hasn’t made a purchase in a while. Instead, you can create automatic email campaigns that keep in touch consistently.

Just imagine celebrating with customers on anniversary dates that are special to them. You can offer loyalty discounts; follow up when a customer hasn’t made a purchase in some time. Keeping your audience engaged is a top priority with this tactic.

Marketing automation is easy, cost-effective, and profitable!

Which of these 7 signs describes your business accurately?

We can help you to get started with automating your follow up system. Start turning your leads into prospects and prospects into paying customers with marketing automation.