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How to Prepare Your Business for Being Discovered By New Customers

Give new customers a warm welcome!These days, you never know how a new customer will hear about your business.

It can be at a crowded industry event with 2,000 people, or it can be in a small café during a conversation between friends. It can also happen online — whether that’s through a post on Facebook, a question on Twitter, or a photo shared on Instagram.

Oftentimes, people won’t be searching for your business  when they find you. Typically, they will be looking for a specific solution.

Think about how you actually search for products and services online. You might type something into your browser like this:      Read more about How to Prepare Your Business for Being Discovered by New Customers

Engagement Matters 13: How to Avoid Leaving Money on the Table

Are you leaving money on the table? It is very possible if you do not have follow-up systems in place. See how you can avoid missing out on $4,500 in just one day. The guy in this video did just that. You don’t have to be like him. Put your profits on auto-pilot!

How To Host a Profitable Event – Even If You Have ZERO Experience In Event Planning

Profitable eventsYou don’t have to be a professional event planner to host a workshop or seminar that gets you clients and generates new streams of revenue.

However, you do need to pay close attention to the details!

Put your attendees’ needs first

Dates, times, locations and dress codes, these are things your attendees will need to know.

It only takes one uninformed (or worse, misinformed) attendee to turn a perfect night into a ruined relationship or a missed opportunity for your organization.

Fortunately, online tools have made it easier than ever before to plan, market and monetize a stellar event!

Here are five tips to make sure you “mind the details” to maximize results at your next event. Read more about How To Host a Profitable Event – Even If You Have ZERO Experience In Event Planning

Engagement Matters 12: An Event Tracking Tool that Gets You Results

EventSpot is a tool that allows you to create events that you can track. Track how many people are registered. Analyze the number of people who have paid for your event. Print tickets for your events and send follow up emails to people who will attend your event.

If you host events of any kind (speaking engagements, webinars, teleseminars, garage sales etc.), use EventSpot to measure your level of engagement with the people who are interested in your events.

Get EventSpot by clicking here!

How To Reach, Teach and Profit By Hosting Educational Events

goldYou might think that only large organizations host educational events.

But according to a recent study I read, more than 40 percent of small businesses hold events. Of those small business that hold events, seminars and classes account for the highest percentage of events held.

What’s the appeal?

From florists hosting floral arrangement classes to accountants holding tax preparation seminars, educational events give your small business the opportunity to highlight your expertise. More importantly, it gives you the chance to meet customers or potential customers face-to-face, and make new connections to help grow your business.

Here are 5 tips to consider as you prepare to add live events to your marketing mix: Read more about How to Reach, Teach and Profit By Hosting Educational Events

Engagement Matters 11: Build a Community to Make Marketing Easier

Create massive engagement with people in your target market by adding this tool to your marketing strategy.

Bring prospects to your doorstep by building a community. LinkedIn gives you a free platform to build a huge following of prospects and clients. Be a resource for your target market by solving their problems and being a constant resource for them.

How To Know Exactly What Your Audience Wants To Buy From You

goldHave you ever presented a product or service offer to your audience that you were beyond excited about? But then quickly found out you were the only person excited about it because very few (or no one) expressed an interest? (This has happened to us a few times. You live and learn, right!)

Not only can this be an expensive waste of time and money, it can deflate your confidence. You can significantly improve your sales by focusing on developing the exact solutions your audience is looking for, instead of a particular idea that happens to be exciting to you. In doing so, you will increase your revenue and your audience will be more inclined to refer you to others.

So, how do you know what it is your audience wants to buy from you?

You ask them, of course! In most cases they will be happy to share their opinions with you.

Here are some ideas to find out what’s on the mind of your current clients and prospective customers, and what to do with that information: Read more about How to Know Exactly What Your Audience Wants To Buy From You

Engagement Matters 10: How To Generate Passive Income Like Clockwork

You can build into your business a passive income stream by doing the following things:

  1. Attract leads to your website
  2. Have an attractive Problem Solving Gift
  3. Automate your back office
  4. Make a compelling offer

Check out this article and implement it today.