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Outsource Your Marketing for Consistent, Profitable Results (SSMS Episode 15)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastStruggling to market your business the way you want to? Tired of being on a cash flow roller coaster? The solution lies in getting help to consistently market your business. I’ll let you in on a secret. It’s not pursuing one particular marketing strategy that gets you great results. It’s marketing consistently that makes all the difference. Listen in to this week’s episode on how to apply this strategy to your business and the many benefits of outsourcing your marketing.

How to Turn Your Vacation into a Profit Boosting Opportunity

As the year starts to wind down, perhaps you’re starting to think about taking a well-deserved break.  Maybe you’re planning a vacation or a holiday getaway to visit family.  Whatever the case, consider how you can use the opportunity to create more exposure for your business.

Nothing can boost your income quite like tapping into a “new” market. Think about it – if you have done any networking in your local area, you know the power of connecting with ideal prospects and building relationships.  Meeting new people, the RIGHT people, is often the quickest way to enroll new clients into your practice.

The same can be true when you go out of town.

Take the time to research what networking or speaking opportunities are available in your vacation area.  Whether you visit another BNI chapter, a Chamber of Commerce meeting or some other event, you’ll be introduced to a fresh group of people with whom you can develop relationships and create opportunities.

Of course, for best results, you want to be sure to focus your attention on events that will connect you with a group of your ideal clients or prospective Power Partners. Remember your goal is to meet new people and start relationships with them – NOT sell to them.  You want to build visibility for what you offer, do some market research by asking questions and extend/receive referrals.

Following are a few ideas for finding events to attend:
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How I Made $500 in Less Than 5 Minutes!

I just got off the phone with one of my colleagues (who also happens to be one of my favorite people!) who hired me on the spot to assist her in marketing a new program she’s offering.  That was an instant $500 in new revenue that I wasn’t expecting today!

How did this happen?

We’ve exchanged emails over the past few weeks about a project she was working on and how we could work together to get the results she was looking for.  Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, the last two messages she sent me ended up in my spam filter.  I just discovered the messages this morning and felt terrible that she had reached out to me and I hadn’t replied. (Can you relate? Uggh!)

Now, I could have handled this two ways: [Read more…]

How to Attract More Ideal Clients When Networking (SSMS Episode #14)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastNetworking. Perhaps you love it. Perhaps you hate it! Regardless of whichever category you fall into, it is by far one of the top marketing strategies for a small business owner. So how do you use this strategy effectively to attract more clients and create more opportunities, even if you’re not entirely comfortable with the idea of networking? Discover my proven strategies in today’s episode!

SSMS Episode #13 – How To Breakthrough Your Marketing Fears

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastAre you holding back from some aspect of your marketing because of fears or some limiting beliefs? We’ve all faced that challenge at one point or another. But breaking through your fears CAN be done and when you do, you’ll enjoy a boost in your confidence and better results with your marketing. Listen to the insightful presentation NOW to learn how to breakthrough YOUR fears!


3 Simple Ways to Create a Steady Stream of Referral Clients

Wouldn’t you love to receive a phone message or an email like this?

“Hi [fname], my friend Jane gave me your number. You’ve been helping her with ________ and I’ve been having a similar problem.  She’s really enjoyed working with you and has been raving about the results.  I’d like to hire you to help me too! Can you please let me know when is your next available appointment? I’m eager to get started!”

Of course you would! That would mean because of the great work you’ve done to serve your client and solve her problems, she’s become a raving fan and is telling others about you.  So, what would it take to create a steady stream of such referrals in your business?

Here are three PROVEN strategies:

  1. Create referral agreements with like-minded “Power Partners”.  “Power Partners” is a concept taught by BNI (Business Networking International) where you partner up with complementary service providers in your networking group.For example, if you are a professional organizer, reach out to a real-estate agent, an interior designer and a personal chef to create a referral agreement. Each of these individuals could be considered one of your Power Partners. All of you are committed to making sure your clients have a comfortable, functional home space and lifestyle.  And likely your clients will at one point or another need the services of these other professionals and vice versa.  Wouldn’t it be great if each time one of your Power Partners enrolled a new client they introduced you as a way to complement the service they provide?  Do you see the potential if each of your Power Partners enrolls an average of 1 new client per month?  That could mean 3 HOT leads for you EACH month!Here are some other examples to consider: [Read more…]

Tell Me Your Story – Your Favorite Networking Experience

Meeting PeopleMeeting like-minded professionals and starting new relationships while attending events, conferences and workshops has been one of the most effective ways I’ve created exposure for my business. Perhaps the same has been true for you. I’d love to hear your favorite success story about how networking has helped you to attract more clients or joint venture opportunities. Especially because I know your experience will be both inspiring and educational to the other professionals who follow this blog. So do tell!

I’ll get us started:

The first time I attended an online marketing conference, I didn’t know a SOUL. I didn’t have a real strategy for “working the room”, I just tried to meet as many friendly people as I could. As I was talking with the other attendees, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that many of them were newbies too! [Read more…]

Don’t Let Discouragement Stand in the Way of Your Success

Think You CanMost of us have heard the phrase, “Perception is reality.”  And while it may mean different things to different people, it’s really about how your limiting beliefs, self-doubt and negative thoughts all play a part in your business.  Even if you think these feelings are only tied to your personal life – think again.  They can always interfere with your business.


For solo service professionals, your personal and business lives are often intertwined.  It is important to recognize this potential problem because it could actually be holding you back in achieving the business success you are looking for.   For example, let’s say you are just plain discouraged with your life right now.

Your personal life is less than stellar – maybe you haven’t had a date in awhile, or you and your significant other have been at odds with each other lately.  Then, you start to focus on the things “wrong” with your life and you get discouraged with everything, including your business.  You start to think that you can’t be as successful as you want to be because of your competition, lack of knowledge or lack of funds to take a continuing education course, or whatever.

Once you get “down in the dumps” about yourself and your business, that’s exactly what you project to everyone else.  That in and of itself will limit your progress.  That negative energy you are putting out to everyone and to the world around you will only attract more negative energy.

So how do you fix this? [Read more…]

SSMS Episode #12 – 3 Simple Steps to Implementing Your Marketing Plan

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastDo you know what you need to do to market your business? …But just can’t seem to get in gear to get it done. If so, you’re definitely not alone. I see this often with new clients who come to me stuck because they just can’t seem to figure out how to get better results with their marketing.

But that doesn’t have to be the case with you. Implementing, meaning taking action and getting the work done, is actually the easiest part of marketing, IF you know how to do it right. So listen in as I share my 3 simple and proven strategies for how you can start taking action, implementing your plan and growing your business…TODAY!


A Simple Way To Educate Your Target Market and Attract More Clients

Article marketing is one of the very best ways to market your business and your services by sharing your expertise.  By writing and submitting articles on a regular basis you are sharing your knowledge with your target audience and giving them a chance to get to know you and your work.  Articles are short (about 500 words) but informative pieces that give specific information to your readers.

Writing different types of articles can be beneficial to your target audience.  For example, the “how to” article can show them how to do something very specific.  It outlines a task, how to complete the task and a call to action.  Even if the “how to” article is actually one of the services you provide, it’s OK to give this information away because then your target audience will see how knowledgeable you are, they will start to build trust, and sometimes when they try to do it themselves, they realize they can’t and call you for your expertise. [Read more…]